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Milo Ventimiglia: Lightsabers, Luke and Heroes - Star Wars Pop Culture References [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Star Wars Pop Culture References

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Milo Ventimiglia: Lightsabers, Luke and Heroes [Oct. 6th, 2008|07:44 pm]
Star Wars Pop Culture References



What if Peter Petrelli could add the Force to his arsenal of skills on the hit NBC show Heroes? I chat with actor Milo Ventimiglia about his love for Star Wars, his lightsaber duel fan films, what Luke Skywalker and Peter Petrelli have in common.


Are there any Star Wars characters you identify with the most?
I don't know if I identify with any one specifically, but as a kid I wanted to be Return of the Jedi Luke because he was the guy who had all the abilities and was in perfect control of that.

So not whiny New Hope Luke?
No, but the funny thing is whiny New Hope Luke was very much like early Peter Petrelli. "I don't know what I'm doing or where I'm supposed to go..."

I don't know if I ever considered your character on Heroes whiny.
Oh, Peter was whiny! [laughs] I always love the characters that have these great abilities and they're so focused in how they use them that they weren't abused, and they were used at the right time in the right way. Those are always the characters I'm kind of drawn to. But then again I also love the Han Solo character. He's the everyday guy. He's a guy's guy.

Who do you think is the biggest hero in Star Wars?
Yoda, probably because of his perspective. He's a master and in complete control. He sees all the angles and still won't completely get in the way. He'll allow the younger Jedi to make mistakes and then come to him for guidance. Being a young man, you always look for mentors and people who will teach you, but you also want to stand on your own. You have to fight to show everyone you're good enough but we all need our teachers. We all need someone who has been there and done that to give us guidance. In my mind, it's very much a way of life. I know how I was when I was younger -- in my late teens and early 20s -- nobody could tell me what to do. Now as I'm getting older I realize those people were so patient with me, and didn't intrude with how I was doing things but tried to give me just enough to make the right decision. I really value those relationships I have now, especially with my family.

As an actor, which role in the Star Wars films would you have liked to play?
Wow, I really don't want to take away from anything. I always liked the fact that Jabba the Hutt wasn't originally a big slug. I thought that was cool, but I don't think I could pull it off. I am fascinated by things like that. I think I'm so enthralled and invested in who those faces were who played those characters that there's no desire to play something in the films. I love being on the outside. Granted, if George Lucas asked me to play a character, I wouldn't say no.

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