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Cho-Bacca: Margaret Cho is Pro-Wookiee - Star Wars Pop Culture References [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Cho-Bacca: Margaret Cho is Pro-Wookiee [Apr. 11th, 2008|05:33 pm]
Star Wars Pop Culture References



Comedian and actress Margaret Cho likes her heroes brave, loyal and furry, so it shouldn't be a surprise that Wookiees rate high on her favorite characters list. Taking a quick break from her current standup comedy tour, Cho talks to Starwars.com about her memories of braiding Chewie's hair and how she's breaking in her new entertainment system with the Original Trilogy.

Here's a short excerpt:

Were you the kind of kid who would play with Star Wars toys?
I had a bunch of action figures. My favorite of course was Chewbacca. I also remember a kind of furry Chewbacca that was fuzzy and not just hard plastic. I don't know if I dreamt it or if this was my actual toy. I have memories of brushing it, of it coming with an actual brush, and it got gum in it and stuff.

Do you still collect any Star Wars toys, comics, action figures, cards, etc? What is your pride and joy item?
My pride and joy is a vintage Chewbacca shirt given to me by Lucas Silveira from the band The Cliks. It is my favorite shirt of all time! My second favorite is my Chewbacca button, given to me by Liam Sullivan.

So it's clear you're a fan of the Wookiee.
Chewbacca is so cute. And I want to brush him, or at least braid him. I love him. I want to know what he has in his bag. I think Chewbacca and the Wookiees are the most mysterious characters. I want to know more about them!

Read the full interview here:
Cho-Bacca: Margaret Cho is Pro-Wookiee

SOURCE: Starwars.com