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Tatooine Idol: Blake Lewis [May. 30th, 2008|12:14 pm]
Star Wars Pop Culture References



As the runner-up contestant in Season 6 of "American Idol," singer-songwriter Blake Lewis not only impressed the judges with his vocal talent but also with his skills as a beat boxer which could give Ben Burtt's sound designs a run for the money. Lewis chats with Starwars.com about his appreciation for Wookiees, the sound design in the Podrace and why Darth Vader is more intimidating than "American Idol" judge Simon Cowell.

As a musician, what do you think of John Williams' musical score for the Star Wars films?

His music is quintessential to the series. Whenever someone decides the change the composer of a series, it takes away from the films, like all the different music soundtracks to the Batman films. The great thing about Star Wars is that they stay with John Williams. George Lucas sticks with what he knows and it works. It's just not Star Wars without John Williams.

Are there any scenes from the films that you really enjoy watching over and over again?

The Podrace in The Phantom Menace is great. It was really fun to watch when it first came out during the whole excitement about Star Wars returning. And all the sound design is amazing, and I'm all about glitchy noises.

On "American Idol" you really stood out from the other contestants with your beat boxing skills. If you could pick any Star Wars character, who do you think would make a good contestant on the show?

It really depends. Is it based on Midi-chlorian count? [laughs]

You tell me! Okay, well out of all the actors from the Star Wars films, who would you like to see sing on the show?

Definitely Natalie Portman.

Who from the Star Wars universe would make a good judge?

Samuel Jackson as Mace Windu so he could swear at the contestants.

Who's more intimidating Darth Vader or Simon Cowell?

Darth Vader, without a doubt.

Really? Well, I suppose Simon Cowell can't Force choke any of the contestants. So who would fit in best in the Star Wars saga -- Simon, Randy Jackson or Paula Abdul?

Simon would do well in the Star Wars galaxy because he's such a good businessman.

He could probably have Jabba the Hutt a run for his money.

He'd probably end up owning Jabba once he was finished with a business deal.

How have sci-fi and fantasy films influenced you?

They've influenced me quite a bit. My favorite movie is The Fifth Element and I've always loved both sci-fi and fantasy films. I really enjoy stories with a hero's journey as well as fantastical creatures. I was raised in the '80s so movies like Star Wars, Time Bandits, The Never-ending Story and Labyrinth made me a huge fan. Even now with movies like Narnia, Harry Potter and all these other cool films coming out, I'll never stop being a kid.

I can't wait to hear new sounds I've never heard before with all the new space-themed movies that come out. I love sound design and great sound quality in general.

Read the full interview here on Starwars.com:
Tatooine Idol: Blake Lewis


SOURCE: Starwars.com